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MH17 – Malaysia Airlines Issues Media Statement. 3 Filipinos on board.

MH17 - Malaysia Airlines Issues Media Statement. 3 Filipinos on board.

What happened yesterday when I received my text alerts on my phone was chilling.  It started with a report that a Malaysia Airline plane had crashed in Ukraine carrying 295 passengers.  That in itself was sad news enough to break someone’s heart.  Then an update came in saying that the plane was shot down butContinue Reading

Hot Cop of the Castro | Chris Kohrs | Facebook. What you need to know.

Hot Cop of the Castro | Chris Kohrs | Facebook.   What you need to know.

What the hell.  I’ll join in the frenzy!  Why not?  He’s super hot! Chris Kohrs, known as the Hot Cop of Castro is making waves all over the internet.  Social media exploded when a photo of the police officer was posted by a man who lived in the neighborhood Chris Kohrs patrolled. This was theContinue Reading

Arizona? Who knew?

Arizona? Who knew?

If you’ve ever been to Arizona, you probably know how hot it gets during the summer. I don’t know because I haven’t been to Arizona during the summer but I was able to visit the Grand Canyon during the winter. It was an unbelievable experience if you ask me. One that would probably end upContinue Reading

HSG: Voices of 5 (VIDEO) – Maybe This Time

HSG: Voices of 5 (VIDEO) - Maybe This Time

When you’re an 80s product, and you grew up in the Philippines, you would know this song by heart.  Originally sung by Michael Johnson, it won the hearts of many.  Filipinos are such hopeless romantics and the thought of a missed opportunity for love, given a second chance is one that is sure to becomeContinue Reading

A Confused Mind.

A Confused Mind.

Years after I have gone away with posts about Filipino and Hollywood Celebrities, I noticed a decline in my blog readership.  It’s not a fault.  It’s just how it is.  Most of the blogs who have a large following are blogs with one theme.  The theme could be fashion, travel, technology, humor, sarcasm, satire, orContinue Reading

Sen. Miriam Santiago Announced She Has Lung Cancer. #MiriamFight

Sen. Miriam Santiago Announced She Has Lung Cancer. #MiriamFight

If I have to use my blog to campaign for the next Presidential Candidate for the Philippines in 2016, I would bet all my posts to Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago.  I have followed her on Facebook and have read up on her credentials.  She is one amazing and fierce politician who has no qualms in exposingContinue Reading

Journals. Do you keep one?

Journals.  Do you keep one?

I have tried many times to keep a journal.  I am usually good for about two weeks but then, I get lazy after that.  I think it’s always good to keep a journal simply to document your journey and to look back and see how much you’ve evolved. Even the journals that I kept withContinue Reading

It’s not about what it’s about.

It's not about what it's about.

I read this phrase and it resonated with me so much that I can almost agree that it’s the truth! When you’re angry, it’s not about what it’s really about that you’re mad. It didn’t make sense to me at first but as I thought about it further, it made a lot of sense.  ThereContinue Reading



While living in Maryland at the ripe age of 24, I met a very wise man.  He was an Irish monk who belonged to The Trinitarian Order.  We met in a not-so-conventional way a master meets a student but it was all in the plan I think.  God works in mysterious ways.  This Irish monk taughtContinue Reading

Un Parisien. Un Parisienne.

Un Parisien.  Un Parisienne.

Even before I set foot on it, I already knew that something is special about Paris.  As I’ve posted previously, it is to me, as elusive as it can be.  I have gone several rounds in Europe but somehow, through some kind of a divine plan, I always skipped Paris.  Why?  I don’t know.  ItContinue Reading

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